About us

The Tacommunity is a community for the rapidly growing blockchain realm. With our network and love for the overall crypto community, NFTs, and investments, you will never feel more at home. Welcome to the Tacommunity.

Please give a warm welcome to the Shiba Drip Club; the Tacommunity’s first Solana drop

These NFTs represent the hype community and are meant to be a reminder of the luxurious and drippy lifestyle that NFTs can bring to the lucky few.

The ChipnoPunks are a collection of 10,000 Chipmunks that are divided into four nations.

Every 100 ChipnoPunks that are sold marks the start of a war. One lucky member of the winning clan of each war will receive a free NFT from the Tacommunity and eth as a reward.

Taconomics (Taco)

Holders of the ChipnoPunks will receive 1000 Taco tokens each month. This token will have actual value backed by MATIC and is available to purchase on QuickSwap or earn passivley by holding a Chipnopunk. Details on how to see Taconomics are shown below.


The Tacommunity started with the Space Taco Collection. These NFTs are a collection of 99 unique tacos that were lost in space. After creating this collection, I found that the NFT community became a home. I wanted to create something that people could find comfort and assistance in. Thus, the Tacommunity was born.

Why Join the Community?

  • You will receive passive income for holding NFTs in certain collections
  • There will be both spontaneous and organized giveaways within the Tacommunity
  • The NFTs in the Tacommunity will increase in value
  • You will become part of an exclusive organization that helps each other

The Tacommunity Gallery

Space Tacos

Ocat Gallery



Join Our Discord!

  • Become a part of the Tacommunity
  • Stay up to date with the latest news and announcements
  • Connect and network with other NFT investors
  • Exclusive Tacommunity NFT giveaways


  • Create a website defining the Tacommunity

  • Build a strong community that supports each other

  • Create a new cryptocurrency “Taconomics” to give back to the Tacommunity

  • Give out monthly rewards (NFTs & Crypto coins)

  • Create a community that gets rich together

  • Bring the Tacommunity to the Metaverse

Grow with the Tacommunity!

The Tacommunity is growing every day and I will need assistance with moving this initiative forward. Apply below to become part of the team that pushes the Tacommunity to success.